CAI Takes on The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and The Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

Senior partner Charlie Perkins has written the following about improving internet service to condominium associations:

CAI has recently been involved in securing changes to the FHA loan review process and has also provided input to the FCC regarding ways to improve competitive broadband internet service for condominium associations. Recent changes to the FHA approvals for condominiums involve significant changes to the FHA loan process for unit owners.

These changes include (1) single unit approvals; (2) extension of time for project approvals; (3) relaxation of the commercial space restrictions; and (4) reduction in owner occupancy loan rates. More information about these changes can be found at • CAI has also issued a public comment about the FCC’s Notice of Proposed Rule Making regarding Assessment and Collection of Regulatory Fees for Fiscal Year 2019; MD Docket No. 19-105 which approves competitive broadband access to condominium associations. A complete copy of the Notice of Proposed Rule Making can be found at was an active participant in this process and provided comments to the FCC regarding access to broadband internet services, exclusive marking arrangements, exclusive wiring agreements and revenue sharing agreements.Our readers are invited to review a broader description of these changes and share their own personal opinions by subscribing to CAI’s advocacy blog at .