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Articles / Cases

Enhancing Condo Living through AI

Probate and Estate Article

CAI National Article

Bits and Pieces

CONDO 101 - Read Your Documents

The Corporate Transparency Act

Congratulations Scott! CAI President

The “Black List”

How a Landmark Court Case May Cause Major Change in the Buying and Selling of Homes

Community Associations: Getting geared up for new filings in 2024

Beware of Liquidated Damage Provisions in Commercial Leases

Title Insurance - What Is It and Why Is It Important?

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

The Backlist and Other Tidbits and Morsels

2023 The Year of The Condo

2022 Massachusetts End of Legislative Session Report

Massachusetts Prompt Payment Act: Rejection is Everything

How a “No Pets” Policy Became a $47,500 Decision

First Time Home Buyers Catching a Break

Treble Trouble for Employers Who Pay Late Wages - Reuter v. City of Methuen

Ask a Busy Person - Investment Protector

Can a Recorded Homestead be Deemed Faulty

Meet the New Boss

Condominium SAFER Act

CAI Is Urging Suspension of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Temporary Lending Guidelines for Condominiums

Newsletter Fall 2021

David Chenelle Award

Covid - Survey Said

Can a Mortgage Servicer be Sued

SJC Issues Statute of Repose Decision

Update on Evictions in MA

Eviction Diversion Initiative

Mandating COVID Vaccines at Work

Gutierrez v. Board of Managers of Flagship Wharf Condominium

Suffolk Superior Court Rules in Favor of Electronic Voting

Land Court Guidelines

Emotional support animals

Stormwater Article

Meeting Checklist 2020

Debt Collection Moratorium Reversal of Decision

Stop, Thief!



Client Accomplishment

When is Notice of a Foreclosure Sufficient

FHA Condominium Loan - Approval Questionnaire

Excluding the Graduation Date from the Debtor

CAI Takes on The Federal Housing Administration FHA

Condo Media Magazine's June 2018 Vendor Spotlight

Adato v. 234 Beacon Street Condominium Trust 2019 Mass

Half of US Homes Built before 1980

Older People Projected to Outnumber Children for First Time in U.S. History

Terms to Know Blog Post 8.22.19

Key Professionals Involved in a Real Estate Transaction

Governing Document Review and Revision

The Antithetical Concepts of Condominium Common Areas and Adverse Possession

Are Mandated COVID 19 Vaccines the New Norm

Does Business Interruption Insurance Cover Losses Due to COVID 19

Legislation for Electric Vehicles is Racing Towards the Finish Line