Community Association Profile: The Village At Salisbury Square

Real estate developer and P&A Client SPL Development Group, LLC has nearly finished the build-out on its project in Salisbury, MA called The Village at Salisbury Square.  With 27 units sold as of December 8, only four remain in the pocket style neighborhood.  As a way of reversing the long-standing trend toward single family homes on large lots, SPL president Steve Paquette has focused on community over cars and shared greenways and walkability over pavement and driveways.  Steve shares with many home buyers a desire to restore a sense of community to neighborhoods that began eroding after WWII.  This is done in large part by orienting facades toward each other and providing shared amenities for residents.  Three house plans of differing sizes and myriad options for finishes and conveniences make the choices for customizing nearly endless.  Energy efficiency in all buildings is also a priority.  P&A Managing Partner Rob Anctil invites people to view the website for more information on the project and on pocket neighborhoods in general: