Drones: Popularity and Technology Advance, Prompting Community Associations to Think Ahead

Estimates of more than 500,000 drones filling U.S. skies alone have made some associations consider whether it is time to take action-either limiting the use of drones (remote control unmanned aerial vehicles) or banning them altogether.  Commercial versions are still not permitted as far as the FAA is concerned but approval is expected as soon as next year, a move that will generate interest from businesses and industries some would find surprising, including agriculture, cinema, architecture and others.  This means a unit owner or any of the array of companies doing business with a community association, including repair, delivery or security monitoring among others may be using a drone.  With that will come the possibility (or likelihood) of accidents and grievances by owners.  The December issue of Condo Media Magazine contains an article about the issue that suggests forward thinking, but avoiding rash action.  To read more, go to www.caine.org or write to Charlie Perkins for a copy at [email protected].