Law School Offers Training That Provides Courtroom Experience

The University of New Hampshire Law School has initiated the Daniel Webster Scholar Honors Program, launched in 2005, as a way of giving students experience they otherwise would have to obtain on-the-job.  The goal of being ready to practice law, and to litigate, upon graduation is now a possibility given the success of the program which was profiled in an Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System study to be released this month.  This is not the only such program in the country, although it is one of the more well established.  Prior to such honors programs, students were less likely to have a handle on day to day legal job challenges and to require more supervision in order to reach acceptable levels of competency.  At Perkins & Anctil we have consistently hired law school students during their summer breaks.   We feel that this provides them with an opportunity to gain practical experience.  Managing Partner Rob Anctil forwards this Wall Street Journal Article with additional information: