The Boston Area is Home to Multiple Condominiums that are Converted Churches

South Boston appears to be the city’s epicenter for the trend in converting churches to condominiums. Saints Peter and Paul Church, an 1844 Gothic Revival style example designed by architect Gridley Bryant is among the older buildings undergoing the change and houses 36 units. Saint Augustine’s Church which is also located in the now-stylish neighborhood was designed by architect Patrick Charles Keely, will house 29 condominium units, and was built in the High Victorian Gothic style which is far more ornate than Saints Peter and Paul. Boston’s nearby South End is the site of Holy Trinity German Church which is a 33 unit condominium. This was constructed in 1874 in the Gothic Revival style and will feature a very modern-looking glass enclosed addition. Other conversions have recently taken place in Ipswich at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church, a 2 unit condo built in 1911 and in Watertown at Saint Theresa which houses 11 units in the church with more in the rectory next door.