When an Association Should Consider Updating Condominium Documents

Homeowners’ associations and condominiums are like living organisms in some ways and undergo changes over time, some that are predictable and others that are unforeseen. A foreseeable change may be the aging of the physical plant that requires additional maintenance compared to when it was new.  This may be a time when rules about fees should change according to the documents.  Another type of change may have to do with the increasing number of units rented to tenants, the number of pets owners may want to keep, or, quite often these days, the preferences on the part of owners to prohibit smoking (tobacco or marijuana in Massachusetts).  If owners hope to change rules regarding this behavior in some way, it may be time for an amendment.  An article featured on the Newenglandcondo.com website (Available here: https://newenglandcondo.com/article/amending-your-bylaws/full) has more information.