Tiny Houses Gain Traction with Zoning Boards

Houses that are smaller than 500 square feet are frequently disallowed as residences by town zoning boards. A minimum of 150 sf per person is generally required to prevent overcrowding in a building but a new way of viewing this type of construction is emerging. Advocates say tiny houses are more efficient to build, heat and maintain. They can simplify a person’s life and make living in a given location actually affordable. The island of Nantucket is considering approving tiny house construction due partly to the fact that it is so expensive to live there that people have been found living in vehicles, hallways and even sheds. Attorney Rob Anctil forwards this Boston Globe article with more information: http://www.bostonglobe.com/lifestyle/real-estate/2016/06/22/nantucket-housing-market-hears-pitter-patter-tiny-square-feet/4xXtjWLT4dQEdyYY3okx9I/story.html?s_campaign=8315